Deposits and Withdrawals

For questions regarding deposits and withdrawals.

Q. Where can I get help with my deposits and withdrawals?

A. Here.

Q. What is the minimum amount I can deposit to Hermetica?

A. Currently, our contract enforces a minimum deposit of 10,000 stSTX. This will change in the future as we expand access to our app.

Q. My deposit is stuck as “queued deposit”, when will it be processed?

A. Your deposits will processed from the deposit queue at the beginning of a new epoch. 

Until the new epoch, any deposits will remain queued and NOT invested.

Q. I made a deposit or withdrawal in the middle of an epoch, when will my tokens be available?

A. Your deposit or withdrawal will be queued until the end of the current epoch (Fridays at 2pm UTC). At the end of the current epoch they will be processed.

Q. Do I have to confirm my deposit for each week or epoch?

A. No, the strategy will re-invest your deposit until you withdraw your funds.

Q. Are deposits subjected to profit or loss from the previous week?

A. No, due to Hermetica’s weekly cycles, our epochs, you are not exposed to the strategy's performance, good or bad, from the previous weeks.

Q. Are queued withdrawals subject to profit or loss of the week?

A. Correct; as you are executing a withdrawal, the final amount you can withdraw may vary.

Q. Do you recover deposits accidentally made to an incorrect address?

A. We do not offer recovery services. Instead, we advise depositors to double check their transactions.

This is because the shares are influenced by the profits or losses incurred during that week, which in turn affects the final amount available for withdrawal.

Q. Can I cancel a queued withdrawal?

A. You can't cancel a queued withdrawal. If you wish to keep the funds in the strategy, you’d have to complete the withdrawal and reinvest the funds.

Q. Does the token issued by the app play a role in the deposit and withdrawal processes?

A. Yes, the token is a bearer token representing your deposit. The token accrues the profit and loss from the trading strategy automatically. After an epoch has processed your deposit or withdrawal, you can claim your tokens with the Claim button under Portfolio. To withdraw, you will need to send the token to our smart contract.

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