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Risk Disclosure

Like all investment applications, Hermetica inherently involves a variety of risks. These risks should be understood and carefully considered before use. With that being said, our team has worked hard to limit or mitigate as much risk as possible so you feel comfortable experiencing the power of Hermetica alongside us.
For a better understanding of the risks involved in using Hermetica's product, please read below.


At this time, Hermetica has been formally audited by CoinFabrik. More details will be shared in the near future.
Further audits are planned in the future to improve the security and transparency of the vault.


In the event of an unidentified exploit or hack, users may suffer partial or complete loss of funds.
There are no refunds available for losses resulting from use of Hermetica. Users participate in the Hermetica vault at their own risk and should perform their own research before engaging with the vault.

Smart Contracts

Hermetica uses smart contracts to function. As with any code, there is always a possibility of undiscovered bugs or vulnerabilities.


In the event of an unfavorable price action the vault may incur losses.
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